Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i actually made a doodle today. i've been trying for the past two hours to get my scanner working again. it feels like bad juju or something. i think i'm really close now (i get a preview, rather than "device busy" or "device not found") but the app crashes on scan. 20 more minutes and i call it a doodless night.

update: i finally got this lightbulb for a yamaha receiver i was fixing (after three weeks of waiting and a lot of phonecalls, but that's another story). so i stuck it in today really neat, and the LED display worked fine, which was a happy moment. i put the amp back together, turned it on, put it on tuner (which used to work before) and all of a sudden smoke started coming out. fire and brimstone and shit, right out of this electrolytic capacitor. i mean the shit part literally.

moral: technology hates me and the scanner is still a whore.

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