Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Make ntfs-3g automount your drive in write mode under OS X

I just found a great blog post on how to get your NTFS write on in OS X (Lion). I won't go into details, since the other post does, but for the impatient, here is the route I chose to take, since I already had most of the things installed and up to date: using macports I installed fuse4x and ntfs-3g, and the I replaced the /sbin/mount_ntfs binary with the one provided on the site (it is basically a script that calls the ntfs-3g utility with the proper arguments). That's it!

Turns out the method above, while it does work, makes for very slow write (and read) speeds, especially over USB. So I switched to a commercial version made by Paragon which boasts (and so far seems to deliver) speeds comparable to native file systems. Sorry open source, I love you, but I don't want to wait an eternity to copy my files to my usb drive.

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