Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hey everyone! I know I don't post often but someone out there might be reading this. And if you do you are cool enough to learn about this great new show my partner --- beautiful genius Erica D --- has been working on since forever. It is called Blogjob: giving blogjobs is a terrible way to make a living and it is about the people who write the fake internets.

Wait, what? Let's pause for a second: you know those sites that serve only as link hubs for Google to parse so that their links get higher up in search results? Back in the day there would be a large page with a LOT of links and search terms, and no content or anything. You could write a bot to do that. Google has gotten wise to it however, so now the links are hidden within nonsense blogs. You might have heard of this practice, it's called SEO blogging. And a bunch of hapless comparative lit majors get paid minimum wage to write those blogs posts. So yeah, that's what this show is about: one of the dirtiest and most despised jobs in tech, just a step above those guys who fill your inbox with ads about Viagra. But enough intro. I linked below the most popular episode released so far, and my personal favorite, episode 4. Watch it and judge for yourself!

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